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Our mission and that of our service providers is to help rebuild the economy of South Africa, by putting the means and expertise in the hands of the people that needs it the most by doing the following :

Provide a mobile office with the same functionality as a real office, but at a fraction of the cost, give young entrepreneurs the tools and the means to become successful business men and women, and grow our economy!

For this reason we are enthusiastically looking forward to any new business ventures and lets see if we can once again, turn a trickle into a stream and a stream into a river.

Is it wrong for a business to have a heart and soul? We were inspired by Google's creed "Do no evil" and it is also our belief; In order for you to have the good things in life - you yourself need to be good.

Our message to South Africa and the rest of the World is; Let us be a team!

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